Spy Kids 4 is coming out on DVD/Blu-ray in November

After a huge box office success, “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World”, the fourth installment in Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” series is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Combo Pack on November 22, 2011. The Blu-ray Combo Pack will be available for $39.99 which comprises standard DVD, Blu-ray, a Digital Copy of the film and 3D Blu-ray disc, while the standard DVD will be available for $ 29.98, and the releases will include extra materials "Spy Kids Passing the Torch" featurette, An interview with director Robert Rodriguez, "Spy Gadgets" clip, Deleted scenes and more

The film follows Marissa Wilson (played by Jessica Alba) who is a housewife and retired spy wedded to a well-known spy tracking television journalist Wilbur Wilson (played by Joel McHale). Marissa is pregnant and wishes to have an ordinary life with her family. But, when Danger D'Amo the Timekeeper (played by Jeremy Piven) intimidates to halt time to be able to return and see his parent once more, Marissa is activated again, and she’s holding onto a mystifying sapphire that is the only recognized guard against the Danger D'Amo’s Armageddon gadget. Both kids Cecil Wilson (played by Mason Cook) and Rebecca Wilson (played by Rowan Blanchard) find out that their stepmother Marissa has been a spy before. To take down the Danger D'Amo, the OSS brings in former Spy Kid Carmen (played by Alexa Vega) and Juni Cortez (played by Daryl Sabara) to save the day.

In many ways, this installment showcases the same type of vivid, heroic approach with some minor changes to the storytelling that was evident in its previous installments. And, as with the other movies in the series, complete artistic control rests in the hand of Robert Rodriguez. However, the lead artists have changed, with Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook replacing the Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara. Rob fills the screen with all sorts of information and with 4D Aroma-Scope to give the audience more viewing pleasure. This encourages repeated viewings just to grab all of the visuals / 4D Aroma-Scope experience that were missed the first time around. There is plenty of eye candy that children will love.

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World (2011) HD Movie Trailer 3 - Jessica Alba

Spy Kids 4, DVD, cover, image

Spy Kids 4, DVD, blu-ray, combo, digital copy, cover, image