Tom Waits' new album Bad as Me comes out in October

For over three decades, Tom Waits has brought his dark tale of despair to the masses. His gritty voice and sloppy jazz music have not only brought him success as a singer, but also as an actor. Lately, he has concentrated more on acting that he's quite ignored where he came from. If you are new to Tom Waits’ music, I warn you that some people have difficulty with his strange raspy voice. But, just like his unusual music, there is no other artist that could sing his songs with the same sentiment. One thing that can definitely be said about him as a singer he is impossible to pigeonhole. He is the kind of artist that frequently evolves from album to album, always search for new ways of expression, new vibes and new instrumentation. Waits is never contented, nor does he attempt to plea to us through familiarity, and it is precisely this that always means that to get a Waits' songs you must let them seep in and songs with more profundity will certainly need a little more patience at first.

Waits' “Bad as Me” is his seventeenth studio album due to be released on October 21, 2011 through ATI records. The first single off the album “Bad as Me” was released via iTunes. This single most likely the best introduction for those looking to discover the strange world of Tom Waits, it shows that even seven years after the release of his last album Real Gone (2004), his music remains as decisively idiosyncratic and opposed to classification as ever.

Tom Waits, new, album, Bad as Me Here is the complete list of songs:

Standard Edition:

1. "Chicago"

2. "Raised Right Men"

3. "Talking at the Same Time"

4. "Get Lost"

5. "Face to the Highway"

6. "Pay Me"

7. "Back in the Crowd"

8. "Bad as Me"

9. "Kiss Me"

10. "Satisfied"

11. "Last Leaf"

12. "Hell Broke Luce"

13. "New Year's Eve"

Deluxe Edition

14. "She Stole the Blush"

15. "Tell Me"

16. "After You Die"