Blink-182: Neighborhoods review - new album

After almost eight years Blink-182 is back with yet another promising album titled “Neighborhoods”. It is much darker and noticeably different than their previous albums. It probably shows the band is growing more mature and consequently has a better sound to it. But there are certainly pros and cons to a band maturing and/or trying out with their sound. On the pro side you have the chance of fresh and innovative ideas from the band, not to point out the possibility of reaching new fans. Therein lies the con, but: with each new fan said band finds with their new sound they also stand to lose one. Such occasion comes for every band, better or worst. That time for this band is here...

Blink-182, new, album, Neighborhoods, review, cd, audio 1. Blink-182: Neighborhoods album starts off with “Ghost on the Dance Floor” the song begins with a wonderful riff done by Tom, and it has a bit of heavy Angels and Airwaves feel to it. If you are a fan of AVA (adventure, anxiety) you will probably love this song.

2. "Natives" Tom and Mark show off some remarkable guitar and vocal talents here. The chorus is too catchy and the lyrics are a bit creepy but work. This is very blink.


3. "Up All Night” Very dark and progressive track and took several listens to grow on me. It has a wonderful chorus and a great beat with a bit of AVA vibe.

4. “After Midnight” Both Tom and Mark play off each other wonderfully in this track. Drums are not that remarkable but they are catchy at the starting and draw you attention right in at once. This track is all about the melody and sentiment of the well written lyrics by Tom.

5. “Snaker Charmer” This one too took several listens to grow on me. It is another catchy song but it's quite far from the best on this album.

6. “Hearts All Gone (Interlude)”: This one is written by Mark. It is pure Blink and a treat to their old die hard fans out there to say they never forgot them. It is also features Travis's incredible drumming and Mark’s powerful vocals.

7. “Wishing Well” Another progressive punk rock track. This one is very catchy and has a strong beat with the whole "La La's".

8. “Kaleidoscope” Very striking and a great track with catchy lyrics. Mark and Tom's voices compliment each other so amazingly and Travis’ drumming adds a remarkable liveliness not found in many songs lately.

9. “This Is Home” A listenable song with descent lyrics but not as memorable as the earlier songs.

10. “MH 4.18.2011 5/5” Once again, Mark harmonizes greatly in this song. The chorus is so catchy and Travis' drums give a real deep kick to it.

11. “Love is Dangerous” Very catchy song, a good combination of chorus and verses, and the instrumental in the bridge is wonderful and works.

12. “Fighting the Gravity” This track brings about a new style to them that they haven’t really touched on. It just uses unorthodox tunes with repeated phrase at the starting but improves as you listen.

13. The album finishes with “Even if She Falls” Travis really shows off his drumming skills in this song and the chorus is so wonderful and catchy. It brings back that nostalgic feeling for the 90's.


  1. Has it really been eight years since their last album?!?!?

  2. I just bought this album from Amazon's digital MP3 downloads. I agree with your reviews on the songs, they are spot on. I have always been a fan of blink-182, Angels and Airwaves, +44, and Box Car Racer. They are excellent no matter what group they form. I can listen repeatedly to all of their music. Very enjoyable. So glad for this new album, it's been so long. Thanks for the commentary. John.


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