Cast Revealed for Thunder Run (2013) - movie adaptation

Freedom Films revealed the lead cast for its upcoming CG 3D action thriller “Thunder Run”, an adaptation of David Zucchino’s famous book of the same name. Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey will play the main roles and Simon West will direct the film, while Academy Award-winner Robert Port and Ken Nolan will write the script for it. The film will likely to hit theaters in 2013.

The story is about how US military captured Baghdad at the beginning of the Iraq War. In 2003 they planned to surround the city with the third Infantry Division while barricading the city section by section via air attacks from the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. Gerard Butler, Thunder Run, Courtesy of wiki Many of them considered the attack would be a long-lasting and probably very brutal method, including the Iraqis - they had sensed the US tactic and had ready for it. Once the military reached Baghdad, they decided that a military show into, instead of in front of, the city was in order. The highways into the city were sensibly open; the road selected was runs from the southern to the Airport that was already under military hands. The objective of the primary run was to be the first of many, an unsafe armored force into rival-held city area where tanks were apparently in danger. The next would swiftly follow-up the success of the previous one, and this time the US had come to reside.