Ceremonials: Florence and the Machine new album out in October

After their highly successful debut album “Lungs” in 2009, Florence and the Machine is back with their sophomore album CEREMONIALS. Though Lungs is their debut album Florence Mary Leontine Welch, the lead vocalist and songwriter, has been producing music since 2007 drawing comparison to Fiona Apple and Kate Nash among others. It is one of those bands that seeps under pop radar, and turn into a sensation based on pure skill. They apparently came out of nowhere and right away created a major buzz in the indie-community.

The Standard edition CD off their new album CEREMONIALS contains twelve tracks while the deluxe edition CD contains nine additional tacks, and the album is slated for release on October 28, 2011 through Island Records.

The band released a promotional single titled “What the Water Gave Me” off their upcoming album CEREMONIALS in August 2011. Welch's voice lends well to this track, but the use of instruments adds to the depth of sound. For musicians of all types searching for an inspirational ambiance, playing Welch would do the trick. Her music has a way of dragging you into it and letting you play through the notes without knowing you are there.

Florence and the Machine - "What the Water Gave Me"

Ceremonials, Florence and the Machine, cd, audio, new, album The list of tracks available on the Standard Edition album:

1. "Only If for a Night"

2. "Shake It Out"

3. "What the Water Gave Me"

4. "Never Let Me Go"

5. "Breaking Down"

6. "Lover to Lover"

7. "No Light, No Light"

8. "Seven Devils"

9. "Heartlines"

10. "Spectrum"

11. "All This and Heaven Too"

12. "Leave My Body"

The Deluxe edition will include the following tracks in addition to the above list

13. "Remain Nameless"

14. "Strangeness & Charm"

15. "Bedroom Hymns"

16. "What the Water Gave Me"

17. "Landscape"

18. "Heartlines"

19. "Shake It Out"

20. "Breaking Down"

21. "What the Water Gave Me"