Colin Farrell’s Fright Night 3D on DVD/Blu-ray in Dec. 2011

DreamWorks has revealed that it will be releasing Colin Farrell’s 2011 vampire flick “Fright Nigh” to DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, Digital and On-Demand on December 13, 2011. The releases will contain extra bonus materials.

It is inspired by the 80’s cult classic horror film of the same name by Tom Holland. After twenty five years the original film stays one of the best Vampire films of the last couple of decades and still creepy. Although it has a hilarious tenor just like the latest remake, it is not campy nor is it poor quality. It is a well written, smartly directed and superbly acted horror film which features amazing special effects and a truly original and remarkable soundtrack. But the best part of that film has to be Roddy McDowall's act as Peter Vincent as his depiction of the loosing horror idol who hosts a 2nd rate late night show who unwillingly turns into real life vampire killer, is both remarkable and possibly his career best. Fright Night 1985 is still a great horror film as it remains true to the traditions of vampirism.

The remake takes place in Las Vegas where a lot of people work during nights. Besides, a vampire named Jerry Dandrige (played by Colin Farrell) who moved there recently and lives close to Charley Brewster’s (played by Anton Yelchin) house. Charley is a smart young high school student staying with his single mom Jane (played by Toni Collette). He has lately accomplished the social ladder at school with the help of his schoolmates and his girlfriend Amy Peterson (played by Imogen Poots). When Charley’s friends start missing, he soon discovers that his neighbor Jerry is in fact a vampire who's out there to suck as much blood as he can and will do anything it takes to get it. Charlie attempts to convince his best friend Evil Ed (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and his girlfriend Amy about the disappearances, but no one believes him so he informs the local police but they too put it down. The next day Charlie reaches his newly found friend Peter Vincent (played by David Tennant) and informs him that he is going after Jerry; at first even Peter hesitates to help him but finally decides to assist Charlie after Jerry goes after ED and Amy.

The pacing in this film is almost perfect as the horror, action and humor are changed around from one scene to the other and tedium is not an option given to the audience. The cast is also worth pointing out as the whole cast delivers in spades. Colin Farrell is effectively charming as Jerry Dandrige, portraying a modern day Dracula. But simultaneously, he's unlike the other traditional vampires in that some of the typical challenging vampire charms work adds the movie a great sense of tense mystery. The young lead actor, Anton Yelchin also turns in a wonderful act but his silly role may have some people rooting for Mr Vampire. Amy Peterson is also an eye-opener, she is pretty enough as Charley's girlfriend.

The makeup, special effects and the storyline are remarkable. In fact, some of the scenes with the vampires are so real that one cannot help but be very thrilled with this flick for its treatment of the vampire itself.

To be honest, if the humor was removed and the viewers could really see the kills along with a creepy atmosphere implemented into this film, then "Fright Night 2011" would have been a pure horror movie.

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