Cowboys and Aliens arrives on DVD/Blu-ray in December

Those of you that have been waiting for Cowboys and Aliens on DVD or Blu-ray to enjoy the movie in the comfort of your own home now have an official release date to look forward to, as Universal Home Entertainment has set the release date for December 06, 2011. The DVD will be available for the price of $ 29.98 while the Blu-ray will be available for the price of $ 34.98, and both Discs will feature extra bonus materials.

The film takes place a few years after the Civil War where a man (played by Daniel Craig) wakes up in the desert in New Mexico with no recollection of his past, and with a weird bracelet attached to his forearms. Shortly thereafter, three bounty hunters attempt to capture him thinking he’s escaped from the prison. He takes down three men instantly and moves on to a close by town of Absolution, searching for information and finding only more trouble. When the aliens arrive and start abducting its people, the survivors teamed up to destroy the aliens and find their loved ones.

The director Jon Favreau pitches the film as a clear-cut drama, with some hilarity. The lead stars all do a great job. Each character was given more of screen time to shows up and made the movie worth viewing. There are plenty of great actions scenes and some great CGI effects. If the storyline seems common in places and the ending is predictable, the entire thing does work. Viewers who can go with the idea are probably enjoyed this film.

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