Ed Brubaker’s Coward gets Movie Treatment

Ed Brubaker is an award-winning comic book writer, who has written about superheroes. His most excellent work, be it his autobio things or the more incredible run he had on Catwoman. However, the man has a heart engraved from the deepest, darkest noir. Sean Phillips is a talented collaborator, meeting Brubaker's clear-cut script with a similarly straight-up creative approach. Both Brubaker and Phillips deal in only the most necessary information, and that keeps COWARD, the first volume in the CRIMINAL graphic novel series gripping from beginning to end.

As Variety reports that Brubaker is teaming up with director David Slade (from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight film series) to adapt his own graphic novel Coward for Hunting Lane Films, and Brubaker will script the film.

The Coward tells the story of Leo, who started as a pickpocket before stepping up to robberies. He lives by his own rules and survived each time he gets confronted with danger, and he's gained himself the reputation of being a coward. He gets caught up in a diamond robbery with Bent Cops and Shady earlier partners, which unavoidably goes awry leading to him going on the run with the Burglary items and his dead best friend's wife until events cause him to face who he is and what he has to do.

Ed Brubaker, Coward, gets Movie, Treatment