F.A.M.E - Chris Brown's best Hip Pop - R&B album ever

I am not a big fan of Chris Brown as his previous album Graffiti failed to hold my attention, but I purchased this album because of some catchy songs are currently playing on the radio.

F.A.M.E. is one of his best Hip Pop/R&B albums. It is up there with his “Chris Brown (2005)” and “Exclusive (2007)”. He took his time to craft this one and to make it much better than his previous work “Graffiti”. It has a wide rage of music on it and can frankly state that there is something for everyone. You have hip hop, ballads, R&B, Soul, Reggae and a slightly techno vibe from a couple of the songs. My favorite tracks on the album are Deuces, No BS, Yeah 3X and Look at Me Now. This album exhibits the diverse direction that he can go in vocally and musically and they all work.

F.A.M.E, Chris Brown, best, Hip Pop, RB, album, covderChris has a great R&B voice and vocal control that he can simply ride over upbeat and ballad songs. He has the most stunning harmonies and most catching and witty music out of any of the R&B/Pop male artist of this generation. He displays this on singles like "No BS", "Next to You," and "Beautiful People"

The album starts off with the single "Deuces" - A smooth mid-tempo R&B single. Chris showcases his voice talent here, which harmonizes the beat wonderfully, backed by Tyga and Kevin McCall.

“Up 2 You”- a nice love ballad supported by piano tune. It has that old school feeling to it and gives us the passionate side of Chris Brown.

No Bs - Chris presents his sensual side on this one and it really has a classic nineties feel to it.

"Look at Me Now" – Chris demonstrates his rapping talents on this one. It is a mid-tempo dance hit supported by Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne.

"She Ain't You" another great ballad, with catch lyrics backed by wonderful drumbeats.

"Say It With Me" and "Yeah 3x" – both have an electro-pop dance feel and techno beats with catchy lyrics.

"Next 2 You" - a mid tempo ballad featuring Justin Bieber, proves how well their voices mix together.

"All Back" – Chris show off his vocal talent here, in particular on the epic chorus, backed by guitar and rhythmic drums.

"Wet the Bed" / "Oh My Love" / "Should've Kissed You" are not the greatest tracks on the album but showcase Chris’ vocal talent.

"Beautiful People" featuring Benny Benassi – another electro-pop / techno beats track to end the Standard Edition album.

Overall, F.A.M.E. is an excellent endeavor by Chris Brown. The front half of the CD is the most successful than the lower half since lot more auto tune used.