Family Matters-The Complete 2nd Season DVD Set Release Date

Those who have been waiting eagerly for the release of this classic ABC / CBS TV series “Family Matters” on DVD will be able to possess the Complete Second Season on February 14, 2012, which will span 3 CDs and contain complete twenty five episodes and will be available for the price of US$ 29.98.

Anybody growing up or alive in the nineties recognizes the quirky neighbor Steve Urkle. He became a domestic name and now fans can go back to, and newcomer’s can lastly be introduced to, the man who did do that. However, he easily turned into an idol. The “Family Matters” wasn't only immense because of him, but it was also immense because of Carl, Harriette, Laura, Eddie and the entire Winslow family and how viewers connected to them and the problems they dealt with, which is an even unusual thing this day and age.

Sometimes a great show emerges almost by accident. The wind blows in just the right producer, just the right actor and the kind of writing that pulls out beyond the family viewers into something worldwide that can be entertained at many levels by many kinds of people. This sitcom has the kind of classic formula that made The Three Stooges, The Munsters and Seinfeld great in and ahead of their time, and features the kind of charming characters that exceed the usual American obstacles of color.

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  1. It's interesting to see Urkle so prominent on the cover of the box, when the show was supposed to be about the family shown in the picture frame.


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