Four the Record: Miranda Lambert 4th album due out in Nov.

It’s amazing that a singer as talented as Miranda Lambert still sings traditional country, with a bit of rock and blues mixed in. Her upcoming fourth studio album “Four the Record” contains 14 songs including the lead single "Baggage Claim", wonderful guitar work, deeper lyrics, more thoughtful and her voice has grown in array and it shows, simply astonishing in this track. It is one more example of how modern country music can also be listenable and traditional, without dropping into the trap of pandering to pop and folk listeners. With both Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, their music, though surely excellent, are quite far detached from what country music in fact strives to be, a sad drift that Shania Twain appeared to establish.

Like many of Miranda Lambert fans, I first discovered her on Nashville Star. Although I saw quite a few episodes of that show, I was amazed with her voice and songwriting skills, particularly when I heard her original single, "Greyhound Bound for Nowhere." It has more of a traditional formation and her wording and presentation are refreshing. She also has something that can either assist or holdback her career. She’s gorgeous, that's not destined to be disparaging in any way. The difficulty with being gorgeous in Country music lately is that regardless of how serious your songwriting is, you'll always be appraised to style over substance. For sure Nashville won't lump Lambert into this group.

Miranda Lambert’s FOUR THE RECORD is scheduled for release on November 1, 2011 through RCA Nashville records.

cd,  album, Four the Record, Miranda Lambert, cover, image Here is the complete track list:

1. "All Kinds of Kinds"

2. "Fine Tune"

3. "Fastest Girl in Town"

4. "Safe"

5. "Mama's Broken Heart"

6. "Dear Diamond"

7. "Same Old You"

8. "Baggage Claim"

9. "Easy Living"

10. "Over You"

11. "Look at Miss Ohio"

12. "Better in the Long Run"

13. "Nobody's Fool"

14. "Oklahoma Sky"

15. "Hurts to Think" (bonus track)

Miranda Lambert- Baggage Claim Live Video


  1. I can't wait for Four!!! I'm already loving "Mama's Broken Heart" from it :) She also has a contest going on where you get the chance to win a guitar signed by her!! Check out all the details, along with the chance to listen to her new song:


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