Halo: Reach Single player – Multiplayer review

By now, most of you have been engulfed in the Halo mythos, and well familiar with the lore of Spartans and the Master Chief. Being a longtime FPS gamer, I have played Halo 1, 2, and a wide range of other present FPS games. Though, I have not played Halo 3 or ODST, but I heard from other gamers that Halo Reach is certainly one of the finest games in the Halo franchise. I have to agree with that, since it takes many basics of storytelling, gaming, and thrusting the player into a certain setting and doing all of these quite well.

The game sets off when your character "six" unites the elite Spartan group named Noble. Six is a replacement to the team following the loss of an earlier member. Team Noble is dispatched to inspect why a communication station went off line. It is assumed that insurgents are the cause, but as Team Noble learns it's in fact Covenant, that the they aren't just dispatching a few strike teams to Reach, but that they are arranging a complete invasion of the world. It pushes you into space as you try to get into a super carrier and destroy. You go back to reach and help in the evacuation of people and are then called by Dr. Catherine Halsey to carry an extremely important package to the ship "Pillar of Autumn".

Halo, Reach, review, game The single player campaign is, in my opinion, the best of the Halo franchise. It varies from the book “The Fall of Reach” notably, so if you haven't read it, you are ok. If so, you may fury a bit, but in general I thought the Halo Reach told an improved version. The music is jaw dropping and touching at times as you pursue Noble Team down their trail of certain defeat as the Covenant devastates the world.

There is relatively lots of stuff in the multiplayer campaign. There is Forge World, Custom Games, Theater mode, Firefight, etc. It is very much like Halo 3 but greatly enhanced, with a new selection system. The largest modify in game play is the inclusion of new armaments which assist you in different way. Moreover, anything you carry out, whether in Matchmaking or Firefight is recorded and rewarded with in game credits which you can use to tailor your Spartan's armor and firefight voice. Every single day there are added challenges to be completed, for example Kill X number of rivals in Y mode today" which receives between 1000 and 2000 additional credits. There is also a Weekly Challenge, which is either takes a whole week to accomplish or rather that is not easy and needs extra players.

The musical and graphics are much better than those found in the previous Halo games. It is absolutely astonishing in every element and brings on all fronts in spite of a little, if any, flaws and poor design choices. If you're a Halo enthusiast and you desire to see a satisfying end to the Halo franchise by Bungie then pick this game up, even if you're a beginner to the Halo franchise. There's something in this game for everyone.

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