Imaginaerum: Nightwish to release a new album with Anette in Dec.

"Imaginaerum" is a female-fronted symphonic metal band Nightwish's seventh full length studio album, and the second one with the new vocalist Anette Olzon. The standard edition of the new album contains thirteen tracks and the album created alongside with the film of the same name by Stobe Harju. The first single off of the album titled "Storytime" is slated for release in November.

The complete songs for the "Imaginaerum" were written by Nightwish's keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen, who does the bulk of the Nightwish's songwriting, and deserves more recognition than anyone, including the former frontier vocalist Tarja Turunen for the band's accomplishment, he has written numerous wonderful tracks for the band’s previous albums.

Maybe the hardest thing in the music industry is replacing a frontman or woman of a well recognized band, particularly a singer like Tarja Turunen. The front singer is the one who fans think of first when the name of the band is referred to. When the Nightwish removed their vocalist Tarja Turunen their fans worried. However, the band seems to have recovered its fame, the debut album of Anette "Dark Passion Play," brought a little more reputation to the band. Anette is more of a classical singer with a wide range. She probably can't nail some of the things Tarja did with the Nightwish but she surely has her own singing style. As long as Holopainen is supporting and writing the songs for them, they will carry on, No matter how good or bad the lead vocalist is. Imaginaerum, Nightwish, new, album, Anette Olzon, Tuomas Holopainen In my opinion; generally changing a lead vocalist in a band has one of three consequences: the band continues but becomes less popular, the band breaks up or the band settles in and flourishes. There are only few bands who continue with the change of their front singer and succeed. I had been a follower of “Sentenced” for quite some time and mid of 90s their lead vocalist Jarva left the band, instead of breaking up the band, they adjusted somewhat to accommodate the new vocalist Ville Laihiala and continued for almost ten years before they split. They lived even though their lead vocalist changed because they were smart, Nightwish did the same. “Dark Passion Play” was the start, and in the upcoming album “Imaginaerum” you will hear the band music will become more polished to suit with Anette's vocal style. Certainly, with the addition of the new vocalist, the band has become reborn into something that can not be unseen and will influence a generation of artists to come.

Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back LIVE

Nightwish - Ghost River Live

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Imaginaerum album is scheduled to be released in the Eu on December 02, 2011 and in the US on January 10, 2012. The Complete Imaginaerum tracklist is as follows:

1. "Taikatalvi" (Track length 2:36)

2. "Storytime" (5:28)

3. "Ghost River" (5:25)

4. "Slow, Love, Slow"(5:51)

5. "I Want My Tears Back"(5:08)

6. "Scaretale" (7:32)

7. "Arabesque" (instrumental]) (2:52)

8. "Turn Loose the Mermaids"(4:19)

9. "Rest Calm" (demo version)(6:59)

10. "The Crow, the Owl & the Dove" (4:10)

11. "Last Ride of the Day" (4:31)

12. "Song of Myself" (13:30)

13. "Imaginaerum" (instrumental) (6:18)

Lyrics to the above songs can be found at Nightwish's Official Websit