JA's The Great Escape Artist tracklist - review

After eight long years, Jane's Addiction finally returns with their 4th studio album “The Great Escape Artist”. Working with renowned rock producer Rich Costey, they have produced an album that fits in the trademarks of Jane's Addiction with something far more contemporary. Like many disaffected listeners who hated metal, didn't like thrash, JA's were a band that "brought it all home."

"End to the Lies" was the first promo single off of the album and was released as free digital download in April. It begins with a grove which pitches somewhat like "Ted just Admit It" prior to Farrell’s voice kicks in. The guitar riff on "End to the Lies" is extremely wonderful. Dave Navarro is almost divine at guitar, he has taken his guitar playing to a whole new level and Stephen Perkins drumming adds a great balance to Dave’s guitar.

Live - Jane's Addiction "End to the Lies"

The second single off the album “Irresistible Force” was released in August. Perry Farrell continues to astonish us with his vocal talents and Dave Navarro's slide guitar breaks are nothing short of implausible and his fiery solo is just remarkable.

Live - Jane's Addiction “Irresistible Force”

JA surely hasn't lost its touch following such a long time! I certainly agree that the band put the alternative in "alternative rock". After all, they were a vast element of the alternative rock scene in the late eighties and early nineties. The psychedelic metal blues and Perry's wonderful vocals are mainly interesting to their listeners. Mix those two aspects with chugging guitars and a loud, lively sound and you have already two terrific tracks from their new album!

JA, The Great Escape Artist, Jane's Addiction, cd, box, art, image, review JA's album “The Great Escape Artist” contains the following tracks:

1. "Underground"

2. "End to the Lies"

3. "Curiosity Kills"

4. "Irresistible Force (Met The Immovable Object)"

5. "I'll Hit You Back"

6. "Twisted Tales"

7. "Ultimate Reason"

8. "Splash A Little Water On It"

9. "Broken People"

10. "Words Right Out of My Mouth"


  1. JA's is the most rocking band and yet still the most experimental at the same time. Perry has a wonderful vocal talent and absolutely knows where his head is at. Regardless of what anybody says he still managed to deliver the goods, and still does. This album most definitely will never leave your player.


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