Neil Burger’s Limitless review

My expectations were very low for this film at first but took a chance recently when I was in the mood to watch a movie. I was pleasantly amazed as it exceeded all my expectations, and I was glued to my seat the whole time. Bradley Cooper has played the lead roll and does a superb job. Truly, this may be his finest performance yet. His acting formulates the film very entertaining and fun to watch.

Bradley Cooper (played by Eddie Morra), an aspirant writer who someway has a writing agreement, yet he hasn't written any word of his anticipated book, which should have been completed ages ago, is behind on the rent and his fiancee Lindy (played by Abbie Cornish) has ignored him. All of that changes after he bumps into his ex brother-in-law Vernon Gant (played by Johnny Whitworth) a drug seller who has gives him a new medicine named NZT-48, according to Vernon that will boost Eddie’s memory power to 100%. In the beginning he seems suspicious but chooses to take the drug. Amazingly it works and he becomes so brilliant and finishes his book in 4 days time, and also expertise in anything he puts his mind to. But all is reliant on the drug: when the results of the drug weaken he returns to being normal. Now he has a shortage of the drugs so he went to Vernon's house to get more; before long after they met Vernon had been murdered by someone who has been searching for the drugs. Eddie finds the drugs with some money inside Vernon’s house. With the money and drugs Eddie is able to reveal the secret formulas in the share market and earn a substantial amount of money in a few days time. Carl Van Loon (played by Robert De Niro) is a financier, who becomes more interested in Eddie and his major trouble is ensuring a regular supply of drugs. It is highly addictive, however it has some side affects for instance black-outs, faintness and even vomiting but Eddie is determined and needs to make his mark on the world.

Bradley Cooper, Limitless, movie, Neil Burger, poster Director Neil Burger does a superb work of picturing Eddie's world both with without the improvement of the pill producing a thoughtful movie that stays away from being preachy. Each cast member brings something unique to the film and making the audience believe the story line.

It's difficulty to identify the exact genre as Limitless incorporates drama, comedy, action, sci-fi and mystery, but it's more of a thriller than anything. There are some plot holes but the whole idea is interesting and Limitless care for it's notion well. The film kept me guessing what may happen next the whole way through and the twists at its end are immense. I didn't watch it in the theater, but I'm happy it found its way into my DVD collection.

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