Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Directive Gets Movie Treatment

They already have adapted Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series, which won three Academy Awards in 2008. And now Universal Pictures is teaming up with Captivate Entertainment and Ludlum Entertainment again to adapt another Robert Ludlum book “The Janson Directive”, which was published a year after his death in 2001. According to Deadline John Hlavin is onboard to write the screenplay and Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner will produce the film.

movie, The Janson Directive The story follows a retired spy agent Paul Janson. He is not quite like his new job as a security consultant for private businesses. He is reached by a well-off Peter Novak's personal assistant and asks him for his assist in rescuing Novak from people who have detained him in a palace on the island of Anura. He assents to join in the operation because of a liability he has incurred to Novak for saving his life. He quickly gathers some people to assist him in the exfiltration and they leave to save the rich humanitarian from his captors.