Another Earth Gets Home Video Release Date

20th Centaury Fox Home Entertainment has announced that they will release Another Earth on DVD, Blu-ray and a Digital Copy via a Combo Pack on November 29, 2011. The pack will be available for the price of $39.99 and contains bonus features such as Deleted scenes, the science behind Another Earth, creating Another Earth and more.

Another Earth, written and directed by newcomer Mike Cahill and stars Brit Marling, the film tells the story of Rhoda (played by Brit Marling) a scientist who accidentally killed a family of four while driving drunk and looking up at the sky to see the new world. She spent four years in jail and upon her release she finds a cleaning job at the local school because she wants nothing but escape from the public. One day she stumbles upon John Burroughs (William Mapother), the father of the family she accidentally killed. She develops a relationship with him, regardless of her better judgment. Try as she might, Rhod can’t bring herself to tell John that she killed his family. While this entails tricking him, the relationship they develop is real.

The two main characters played by Brit Marling and William Mapother are nothing short of impressive in this film. The complex way their lives link as the story unfolds is just amazing. While I personally sense there are slight plot holes that are problematic, I really wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with this film.

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  1. I hope they show how they did the scene where the guy plays a saw - love that scene! You can hear music from it on the composer's website:


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