Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops - Single player - Multiplayer review

I’ve been following the CoD games since the day of the first Call Of Duty released back in 2003 by infinity Ward, and I was a bit skeptical about the reason that the game was no longer being developed by the original developer. But having played Call of Duty Black Ops for a few months I can say that this FPS game is a vast enhancement over the previous ones like Modern Warfare 2. It is the 7th installment in the CoD series and the 3rd game to be developed by Treyarch, and it’s the 1st game to be set during the 60s’, when the Cold War was at its climax.

The storyline’s of the CoD games have never been all that exciting, packed with unmemorable characters, but this game has well written characters that pass on a very personal feeling to the story. The single player campaign lets gamers to play as Mason, voiced by Sam Worthington, and you start on the game being questioned by the CIA. The destiny of the liberated humanity is at risk and the only way to save it is to break a code that has been attached into your subconscious. Mason describes his exciting activities with the Black Ops in the cold war and you join in through them.

Call of Duty, Black Ops, Single player,xbox, vs, Multiplayer, review The visuals for the majority parts are well done, but some are a bit quicker, and more information in the quicker parts would make it much better. Artillery animations are great, but I was a bit disappointed on the robotic character actions. You never spot someone doing something other than run, bend, fire, and tumble. I wasn't excited that when the opponents where blown up, they fell back to the floor totally unharmed. But some of the advanced arms like the M60 and Python have the capacity to blow limbs off of opponents.

The multiplayer has been improved from MW2, and a few of the modifications are wonderful, others not so much. As an alternative of finishing tasks to upgrade your weapons, there is now cash utilize for customization. This is wonderful as you can select what artillery and upgrades you require and in what sequence, but it's not pretty electrifying as the previous method. "3 extra kills and you obtain the tac-knife" is much more exciting than "3 extra kills and you obtain a couple of hundred CoD points." Somehow, it works, and it is really addictive. The sum of wager equals, where you play tailored game methods to win points is thrilling and having these methods to play as substitutes to regular modes adds a lot of life to the game.

Black Ops also features a Zombie mode, where you are in a compartment that is targeted by waves of zombies. You set up blockades and destroy them to gain points. You utilize those points to purchase advanced armaments or open doors to build up the level.

Treyarch has done a great job at bringing Cold War age and the setting to life. The cinematic superiority that created MW2 is still intact here, and the visuals and music are as wonderful as you would anticipate. What I've always liked about the Call Of Duty games are the firm controls, and this game will fit like a glove for any First-person Shooter fan.