Common -The Dreamer, The Believer Due in December

You can’t state the positive side of hip hop without bringing up Common. As with any great MC that has given you considerable music, Common has constantly evolved. But sadly not many of his fans have evolved with him. My familiarity of his early music doesn't really go beyond his 2000 album LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE. My attention was only brought back to him as a solo singer thanks to his signing to Kanye West's Good Music label, and his hit album “Be”. It was surely one of the best albums of 2005, and while it helped put him over as one of the best lyricists still important in hip-hop, West really changed the direction that Common's already bright, still commercially unsuccessful career. He continued to use the same wining formula for his two successive albums Finding Forever (2007) and Universal Mind Control (2008).

Common has returned to the music scene with his ninth studio album The Dreamer, The Believer, produced by his longtime collaborator No I.D. The new album contains twelve songs and all of them are written or co-written by Common. The first single from the album titled Ghetto Dreams featured on the Madden NFL 12 soundtrack was released on iTunes in July, and the album The Dreamer, The Believer was released on December 20, 2011 through Warner Bros. / Think Common Music Inc.

Common - Ghetto Dreams

common, new, album, the dreamer the believer, due, december, track, list, cd Complete Track Listing

1. "The Dreamer" (featuring Maya Angelou) (track lenght 5:53)

2. "Ghetto Dreams" (featuring Nas)(3:54)

3. "Blue Sky" (4:03)

4. "Sweet" (3:36)

5. "Gold" (4:19)

6. "Lovin' I Lost" (3:51)

7. "Raw (How You Like It)" (3:55)

8. "Cloth" (4:34)

9. "Celebrate" (4:03)

10. "Windows" (4:00)

11. "The Believer" (featuring John Legend) (3:43)

12. "Pops Belief" (4:55)

Total Length of the album - 50:46 minutes