Daughtry: Break the Spell tracklist revealed - New album

Make no mistake; Chris Daughtry is as brilliant as any rock singer out there today. He is now sensing the other side of the double-edge sword of having a flourishing two albums. Finishing in 4th place in American Idol 2006 may have been the second biggest break of his career. When given the chance to join well-established band in Fuel upon his departure from the American Idol stage, he refused the offer to the surprise of his fans. He instead picked up some members of his previous band, labeled the group "Daughtry" and went on to make one of the best selling albums in recent times, gracing radio with ample of melodic hard rock goodness.

Their much anticipated third studio album BREAK THE SPELL is scheduled for release on November 21, 2011 through RCA / 19 records. All lyrics were written by Chris Daughtry and produced by Howard Benson. Two promotional singles were released in September, the first single “Renegade”, and the second one titled “Crawling Back to You” witch peaked at number 41 at Billboard Hot 100. Both songs are mid-tempo rock ballads and produced by Chris Daughtry and Josh Paul.

daughtry, break the spell, new, album, cd Break The Spell standard edition of the album contains twelve tracks while the deluxe has sixteen tracks.

Standard Edition Track List

1. "Renegade" (Track Length 3:34)

2. "Crawling Back to You" (3:45)

3. "Outta My Head" (3:31)

4. "Start of Something Good" (4:25)

5. "Crazy" (3:25)

6. "Break the Spell" (3:32)

7. "We're Not Gonna Fall" (3:19)

8. "Gone Too Soon" (3:36)

9. "Losing My Mind" (3:49)

10. "Rescue Me" (3:23)

11. "Louder than Ever" (3:37)

12. "Spaceship" (3:51)

Deluxe Edition Tracks List

13. "Who's They" (3:12)

14. "Maybe We're Already Gone" (4:22)

15. "Everything But Me" (4:29)

16. "Lullaby" (2:26)

Daughtry - New song "Crawling Back to You" Hartford, CT 5/14/11