Doctor Who: The Android - Invasion of the Dinosaurs on DVD

Warner Home Video and the BBC will release Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs (episode 71) and The Android Invasion (episode 83) on DVD on January 10, 2012. The episode 71 will be available for the price of $34.98 while episode 81 will be available for the price of $24.98.

Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs - This story involves the Doctor and Sarah exit the Tardis and find out a deserted London. Martial Law has been declared after the city has been evacuated due to dinosaurs appearing and disappearing creating chaos! This has a great storyline, although it is extended a little bit to fit six episodes. This show is not a well-liked one due to the puppet dinosaurs, some are realized terribly. The most horrible ones are the Tyrannosaurus and the pterodactyls. But if you can get beyond the poor effects, you may find a fun runaround.

Doctor Who: The Android Invasion - This story involves the Doctor, on Earth, facing a group of unfriendly Androids, run by aliens plan to invade the Earth. This show remains one of my favorites today. And the reason is simple: it stays one of the best companion shows of all time. Baker and Sladen have the greatest relationship. It shows why Sarah Jane Smith stays one of the Doctor's greatest friends to this day. The aliens were somewhat unusual, but the storyline was remarkable and the execution was excellent. Watch it, you'll like it or, at least, appreciate the affairs between the Doctor and Sarah Jane.

doctor who, invasion of the dinosaurs, dvd

doctor who, the android invasion,invasion of the dinosaurs, dvd