Gavin O' Connor’s Warrior gets DVD / Blu-ray Release Date

Over the past decade we have seen the mixed martial arts movies growth in popularity. Gavin O' Connor’s Warrior is the newest effort in this rising line of film, and only time will tell us if this movie achieves what it set out to be. Warrior is scheduled for release on DVD and Blu-ray combo pack on December 20, 2011. Both Discs will contain extra bonus materials such as "Redemption: Bringing Warrior To Life" Documentary and "Brother vs. Brother: Anatomy of the Fight".

Two brothers and their former alcoholic father are the center of this movie. Tommy Conlon (played by Tom Hardy) is an ex-Marine who has had a really tough go in life, Gavin O Connor, Warrior, DVD, Blu-ray, movie, boxing and his brother Brendan (played by Joel Edgerton) is a physics teacher and facing a foreclosure on his house. Both of them sign up for a MMA championship in order to claim a 5M dollar prize. Their father Paddy Conlon (played by Nick Nolte) that they both hate attempts to make it up to both sons and turns into Tommy's boxing coach. Their earlier faults and regrets all come to a head in the ring.

The cast is extremely great from every person engaged and the level of realism that each person brings to their role is amazing.

The fights were remarkable and I believe that they are much better than real MMA fights. With the fights and the overall narrative together with suitable staring, it's obvious to see that they place all they could into this movie. Besides being rather silly at times, some scenes close to the end being predictable.

Warrior Movie Trailer Official (HD)