Graham Yost’s Justified Complete 2nd Season on DVD/Blu-ray

FX Productions and Sony Pictures Television announced the release of Graham Yost’s most renowned TV series “Justified”, the complete second season on DVD and Blu-ray on January 03, 2012. Both discs will contain extra bonus materials such as On the Set of Justified featurette, Clans, Feuds, & Apple Pie featurette, Outtakes and Talking Shop roundtable discussion feature (BD only). The Television Series is based on Elmore Leonard's book “Pronto and Riding the Rap” and his short story "Fire in the Hole".

The show follows the story of U.S. Marshall “Raylan Givens” (played by Timothy Olyphant) who is never afraid to use his gun when he must as he tracks criminals. He is a country man who manages to escape from a village that no one else had done before. You find out in 2nd Season exactly how he escapes. But he returns and learns his childhood friends all mature and wrapped in crime.

What began as a kind of typical crime drama in its early episodes has developed into a drama with interesting characters that look like real - although mostly troubled - people, complex plotlines that broaden over the course of the season, and the tone that makes you sense like you're there watching it happen. The entire cast is very much talented especially Timothy Olyphant is excellent as Raylan Givens. The show has love, drama, action, and suspense so it has something for everyone to enjoy.

Justified - Season 2 Preview

graham yost, Justified, 2nd, second, Season,  DVD,cover

graham yost, Justified, 2nd, second, Season,  blu-ray, cover