Korn’s The Path of Totality Comes Out in December-review

It's been just over a year since Korn released their ninth studio album, and they have returned with yet another album titled “The Path of Totality”. The new album is scheduled for release on December 06, 2011 through Roadrunner records. "Get Up!" was released as the album's lead single in May, and was produced by Skrillex. "Get Up!" is a nice mix of rock, electro, industrial and ambiance that fits finely into a mainstream mold, a nice departure from their usual stuff.

In a day in the music industry where it looks by listening to the radio that originality is at an all time low, sure persons/bands and particular musical styles carry a breath of fresh air to the music industry. While Korn is indeed not a new musical group and while the whole "rap-rock" or "rap-metal" movement isn't new, the ideas that Korn use on their latest single "Get Up!" is certainly refreshing.

Fieldy's bass is loud once more and he returned with his "bass slapping" skill. Munky has certainly improved over the last three records returning with some haunting riffs and eerie, sharp guitar sounds. I still picture what would be so special if Head was still jamming with Munky. Their new drummer, Ray Luzier is a much better choice than their earlier drummer, Joey Jordison. Even with the line-up modification, I still would like if Head and David back. It's not quite the same without them but the band proved they can still make good music without them.

KoRn Get Up (Featuring Skrillex)

korn, the path of totality, new, album, cd, cover The Path of Totality Complete Track Listing

Standard Edition

1. "Chaos Lives in Everything" (Track Length 4:02)

2. "Kill Mercy Within" (3:16)

3. "My Wall" (4:34)

4. "Narcissistic Cannibal" (3:14)

5. "Illuminati" (2:58)

6. "Burn the Obedient" (5:05)

7. "Sanctuary" (4:23)

8. "Let's Go" (3:10)

9. "Get Up!" (3:42)

10. "Way Too Far" (8:15)

11. "Bleeding Out" (3:05)

Deluxe Edition

12. "Fuels the Comedy"

13. "Tension"