Lamb of God - Resolution Comes Out in January 2012

Lamb of God is back with yet another promising album that is sure to please metal fans across the world. Resolution, their seventh studio album produced by their longtime collaborator Josh Wilbur. The standard edition of the album contains fourteen songs, which were written and composed by Lamb of God band members. The album is scheduled for release on January 24, 2012 through Epic, Roadrunner records.

This band has been around the music scene since late 90s, and they came around at just the right time; many have called them "the new wave of heavy metal", and due to this particular genre of metal's earlier reject, some have even believed them saviors. While the members of Band, Randy Blythe, Chris Adler, Mark Morton, John Campbell and Willie Adler say they formed the group for "the love of getting drunk," they clearly love their line of work as well.

Certainly one of the best metal bands of all-time! I've heard about the comparison to Pantera, whose influence I've certainly noticed in their music. If you like your metal done hard, heavy and brutal, Lamb of God's Resolution is a perfect starting point.

lamb of god, resolution, comes, out, january, New,  album, cd Resolution track list:

1. "Straight for the Sun"

2. "Desolation"

3. "Ghost Walking"

4. "Guilty"

5. "The Undertow"

6. "The Number Six"

7. "Barbarosa"

8. "Invictus"

9. "Cheated"

10. "Insurrection"

11. "Terminally Unique"

12. "To the End"

13. "Visitation"

14. "King Me"

Check out the trailer for Resolution