Old Ideas - Leonard Cohen to drop new album early next year

After 2004's Dear Heather, Cohen returns with yet another promising album “Old Ideas”. The album contains ten new songs produced by Anjani Thomas, Patrick Leonard, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo. Old Ideas will be his 12th studio album and will be released on CD, digital download, and 180 gram LP on January 31, 2012 through his long time label Columbia Records.

You have to admire him as a man and a poet who is always ready to sing. He began his singing career at the age of 34, it is rather normal to find him still eager to enlighten his fans at the age of 77 and releasing an album after eight years should make everyone happy. The fact, as it normally happens in the superior lyrics of the man who is undoubtedly the only rock singer whose lyrics can be read as poetry, is a bit harder.

During his last world tour he previewed two tracks from his upcoming album "The Darkness" and "Lullaby". The lyrics to these songs may not be his best but of course they are always above average and on "The Darkness" he shows how few words can converse a feeling better than the most expressive pronunciation. At long last, you couldn't really expect more, but you must be only happy that he is still alive and kicking and this new album of his will sit nicely close to any other work of genius he has produced over a four decades.

Live - Leonard Cohen "The Darkness"

old ideas, leonard cohen, new, album, cd, cover, image Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas full Tracklist:

01 Going Home

02 Amen

03 Show Me the Place

04 The Darkness

05 Anyhow

06 Crazy to Love You

07 Come Healing

08 Banjo

09 Lullaby

10 Different Sides

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In support of his new album Old Ideas will be touring across the world, “OLD IDEAS WORLD TOUR 2012” tour dates can be found at: facebook.com