Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 for Xbox-Video Game review

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 is the sequel to the well popular fitness video game for the Xbox 360 game console utilizing the Kinect motion sensor system. It is designed to get players off the couch and into shape.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 is much like having a gym with a mirror on the wall. New work out techniques, yoga techniques, anything that needs accurate positioning is monitored with more accuracy by using the Kinect motion sensor system. The player also has the option of using personal trainer mode or take classes such as African Rhythms, Boot Camp, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Cardio Boxing, Yoga, Latin Dance and Zen Energy. With every movement this fitness game gives you handy feedback that you can really use to correct flaws in your routine.

Just like the previous game, this one also gives you a body scan when you first sign in. That image is then what is used to play games. Now, you can press and hold motion to switch on what you want to do. This is a lot enhanced over the previous hold the arm out with hand extended to touch a spot for few seconds to start. The game can also make a tailored exercise program. It does this by taking your measurements, including the height, and then it determines what workout would be of most benefit to you. It also determines and uses your precise fitness level to modify the exercises exclusively to your particular needs. Of course it will do the routine tasks of assisting you keep track of calories or weight loss but it also integrates this data into your tailored workout program.

There are a number of things I like about this game. First, the games and workouts differ from very easy and excellent for trainees, to very advanced for players in good shape. Second, there is a broad range of games and workouts to select from at each level. Third, I like how it monitors your improvement over time. Fourth, it does a great work of making sure you are doing the workouts properly by virtue of the Kinect. And finally, the visuals are pretty nice and clean.

Your Shape Fitnes Evolved 2012 - Didactical Trailer [IT]

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