Dream House Available on DVD/Bluray Combo Pack in January

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced the release date and details of Jim Sheridan’s Dream House on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy (Combo Pack) on January 31, 2012. The DVD will be available for the price of $29.98 SRP and the Combo Pack will be available for the price of $ 34.98 SRP. The releases will contain extra features such as Burning Down The House, The Dream Cast, Building The Dream House, A Look Inside and many more.

The story follows Will Atenton (played by Daniel Craig) who has given up his job to spend more time with his family and write a book. They move to a new house located in the countryside, which has a secret history. The person who once lived there was brutally murdered his family. Will eventually finds out that the person who killed his family had spent 5 years in a psychiatric ward and now lives in a neighboring house. Will’s kids are not much happy with their new house, since when they see a strange person looking at them through the glass. New footsteps in the snow support their finding, and Will is frequently awoken by knocks in the night. Everyone in the area looks very quiet about the deadly incident and when somebody continues to trouble his family, he visits Ward's institution to disclose some surprising facts.

Well renowned cast of characters gives this movie a superior quality and bigger promise. Some will say they are wasted on this script, but it's not as miserable as that. Sadly, it's the sort of plot that requires polishing, a few more firm thrills and smarter twists. The smooth sound compliments the sense of fear that gradually creeps into the picture. Most of it is gimmicky but successful.

Dream House trailer

dream house, combo, pack, dvd, blu-ray, digital copy, 2011

dream house, dvd, movie, 2011