The Great Fire: Bleeding Through returns with New Album

Bleeding Through is, without doubt, an astounding band that has formed such a distinctive style and sound that fans of hardcore would be doing themselves a great unfairness to overlook this band. Not as popular as other front-runners such as “As I Lay Dying” and “Killswitch Engage”. They stand their own ground and hold a pretty solid ground when it comes to great hardcore bands. Their music filled with meaningful lyrics, vicious riffs, hard-hitting drumming and very hard-rocking and even melodic bass lines.

The ability that they have in order to evolve with each successive album release is remarkable; beginning more along the lines of hardcore with their debut and sophomore albums, they developed into more melodic influenced upon the release of their third album. This trend continued onto their fourth, fifth and sixth albums.

the great fire, bleeding through,new album, cd, cover The band is slated to releasing their seventh studio album titled “The Great Fire” on January 31, 2012 through Rise. The album contains fourteen songs as listed below:

Complete track list

1.The March

2.Faith In Fire

3.Goodbye To Death

4.Final Hours

5.Starving Vultures

6.Everything You love Is Gone

7.Walking Dead

8.The Devil And Self Doubt

9.Step Back In Line

10.Trail of Seclusion

11.Deaf Ears

12.One By One


14.Back To Life