Hits and More - Martina McBride to release new compilation album

For the past two decades, Martina McBride's awesome powerful voice has been an entertainment fixture in country music. She is also one of the few singers in that particular genre to give us a firm output of consistently outstanding material, as this compilation attests to. This album proves that hits collections are not always the most satisfying portrayal of a singer’s work. Her early singles were all romps like "Wild Angels" and "My Baby Loves Me" Consequently, the first few songs of this album is mostly uptempo, and it begins to stand out with her best work from 1997's Evolution, "A Broken Wing" and "Whatever You Say" show her remarkable vocal talent while "Valentine" tells her mastery of intimate material.

Martina McBride's Hits and More contains twenty songs with three new tracks "Surrender", "Straight to the Bone" and "Being Myself". The compilation album is scheduled for release on January 16, 2012 through RCA Nashville.

hits and more, martina mcbride, release, new, cd, album Track listing

1. "My Baby Loves Me" (track length 2:36)

2. "Independence Day" (3:26)

3. "Wild Angels" (3:44)

4. "A Broken Wing" (3:36)

5. "Valentine" (featuring Jim Brickman) (3:13)

6. "Happy Girl" (3:27)

7. "Whatever You Say" (4:31)

8. "I Love You" (2:54)

9. "Love's the Only House" (5:13)

10. "Blessed" (4:36)

Live Martina McBride "My Baby Loves Me"

11. "Where Would You Be" (4:34)

12. "Concrete Angel" (4:13)

13. "This One's for the Girls" (4:04)

14. "In My Daughter's Eyes" (3:14)

15. "Anyway" (4:40)

16. "Ride" (3:57)

17. "Wrong Baby Wrong" (3:39)

18. "Surrender"

19. "Straight to the Bone"

20. "Being Myself" (3:38)


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