Pain Is Love 2 (PIL2) - tracklist for Ja Rule new album

Fans of hip hop have a wide range of views about Ja Rule, some loved him and always have, some never have, some extreme dislike him for his grumble with 50 Cent, some believe like he has not released an album worth paying attention to since his first album "Venni Vetti Vecci". Others sense that he sold out by doing R & B collaborations and turned into the mainstream rapper they dislike, whatever the reason people know him.

Most fans would be happy to hear that Ja Rule is back with yet another studio album titled Pain Is Love 2 (PIL2), a sequel to his third studio album Pain Is Love. PIL2 is produced by his long time collaborators 7 Aurelius and Irv Gotti, and is scheduled for release on February 28, 2012 through Mpire Music Group and RCA Records.

pain is love 2, pil2, tracklist, Ja Rule, new, album, cd Ja Rule Pain Is Love 2 Track Listing

1. "Fame (Intro)" (featuring Leah Siegal) (track length 2:33)

2. "Real Life Fantasy" (featuring Anita Louise) (3:38)

3. "Parachute" (featuring Leah Siegal) (3:23)

4. "Superstar (Intro)" (0:16)

5. "Superstar" (4:54)

6. "Black Vodka" (5:01)

7. "Drown" (featuring Somong & Kenny Dark) (4:40)

8. "Never Had Time" (Jon Doe) (3:15)

9. "Strange Days" (featuring 700 & Ramzo) (2:44)

10. "To the Top" (featuring Kalenna Harper of Dirty Money) (3:26)

11. "Pray 4 the Day (Believe)" (featuring Leah Siegal) (8:08)

12. "Believe"

13. "Spun a Web" (featuring AminA) 3:39

Listen to "Real Life Fantasy" (featuring Anita Louise)