Sleigh Bells Reign of Terror due out on Valentine’s Day

Sleigh Bells comprises of two artists, Derek Miller on guitars and Alexis Krauss on vocals. As many of the fans have affirmed that they have gotten a lot of buzz over the past few years for their unique musical style. There isn't an easy way to categorize their music; some fans have compared them to The White Stripes, Le Tigre and MIA. Their heavy drumming, distorted guitars, and Alexis Krauss’ screaming vocals that in somehow blend flawlessly with Derek Miller's hardcore instrumentation - this is the sound of Sleigh Bells, you are either going to love it or hate it.

Sleigh Bells will be releasing their sophomore album Reign of Terror on February 14, 2012 (Valentine’s Day) through Mom+Pop. The album contains eleven tracks written by Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss. The complete track listing is as follows:

sleigh bells, reign of terror, release, date, new, album 1. "True Shred Guitar"

2. "Born to Lose"

3. "Crush"

4. "End of the Line"

5. "Leader of the Pack"

6. "Comeback Kid"

7. "Demons"

8. "Road to Hell"

9. "You Lost Me"

10. "Never Say Die"

11. "D.O.A."

You can listen to their new song "Born to Lose" below: