Tom Cruise will Star in All You Need Is Kill Film Adaptation

After long hesitation, Hollywood's favorite action star Tom Cruise has finally given Warner Brothers the green light to cast in film adaptation of the Japanese book “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The Bourne Identity and Fair Game producer Doug Liman is on board to direct the film. The production is scheduled to begin in late 2012, and Cruise will join the shooting as soon as he wraps his current project “Oblivion”.

All You Need Is Kill” tells the story of newly joined Japanese soldier Keiji Kiriya, who is held up in a Groundhog Day style loop, apparently doomed to battle and repetitively dies in a major battle with Alien creatures called Mimics that, like a video game, is constantly reset until he can build up the required fighting skills and find a way to destroy the Aliens that threaten to destroy life on the entire planet. The skills might be gain from Rita Vrataski, an American UDF soldier of super killing power known as the Full Metal B**ch, but the Aliens are also learning new moves with every clash.

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