Hit the Lights back with their third album Invicta

Hit The Lights has always been a gifted band and my favorite since they came out with their hit single 'Until We Get Caught'. The band belongs with the greatest of Pop Punk genre with the likes of The Audition, New Found Glory, Paramore and All Time Low. Their music is just so great and their background vocals flow nicely with the leading vocals. Mix this with rock-hard lyrics and haunting riffs and you'll thoroughly enjoy their musical performance.

Nick Thompson, their new frontman is absolutely a talented vocalist, but still his voice is not quite as appealing as their former lead vocalist Colin Ross'. He has a higher pitch and is more appropriate to this type of music, however Nick has a lower voice, wide range and a fine melody too, but is less nasal, I confess. Maybe it's just the style of music that doesn't appeal to me as much.

The band is set to release their third studio album titled Invicta on January 31, 2012 through Razor & Tie Records. The new album will contain three singles (Earthquake, All the Weight and Gravity) from their Invicta EP album, and a bonus track titled "Liars and Cheats".

Listen to "Earthquake" (Hit the Lights)

hit the lights, new, album, invicta, cd Hit the Lights – Invicta full Track List

1."Invincible" - (track length 3:15)

2."Gravity" - (2:53)

3."Earthquake" - (3:21)

4."So Guilty" - (3:28)

5."Get To You" - (3:21)

6."Float Through Me" - (3:32)

7."Should've Known" - (3:39)

8."All The Weight" - (3:34)

9."Faster Now" - (3:52)

10."Take Control" - (3:10)

11."Oh My God" - (3:52)

12."Liars and Cheats" (Demo) - (3:21)