Live at Wembley - Alter Bridge to release New Album, review

Alter Bridge consists of the three former instrumental members Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips of Creed together with the brilliant guitarist and vocalist Myles Kennedy. certain, Alter Bridge are a radio-friendly band, but their two albums incorporate innovative riffs, lyrics with legitimate emotion, and the icing on the cake - guitar solos.

No doubt that they are radio friendly band, but their previous records incorporate wonderful riffs, lyrics, and the icing on the cake guitar solos. On their second Live Album “Live at Wembley” They show a bit more versatile approach than on the “Live From Amsterdam”. There are ample of heavy crunching guitars to be found here, but also an emphasis on acoustic material in some places. Myles is one of the best lead singers in rock at present and his voice soars over the material bring a great deal of it to a top level. This concert is hard hitting and I am not sure if I like it more than their previous Live Album, but it definitely carries on to forge a path away from their old sound. From beginning to end, they don't miss a beat and the air in London’s Wembley Arena is full of electric dynamite. There are plenty of great guitar solos and the rhythm section is on fire right through the show. The tracks themselves could use a little more mixture here and there, but overall they are a fine selection.

“Live at Wembley” DVD releases will contain twenty two songs from the concert, and it is slated for release on March 27, 2012 through EMI, The Dude Films, 3 Dimensions.

Watch - Alter Bridge "Blackbird Live" at Wembley Arena, London 2011

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Complete Track List

1. "Slip to the Void"

2. "Find the Real"

3. "Ghost of Days Gone By"

4. "Before Tomorrow Comes"

5. "Come to Life" Kennedy,

6. "All Hope Is Gone"

7. "White Knuckles"

8. "Brand New Start"

9. "Metalingus"

10. "Broken Wings"

11. "I Know It Hurts"

12. "One Day Remains"

13. "Coeur d'Alene"

14. "Buried Alive"

15. "Blackbird"

16. "Wonderful Life" (acoustic version)

17. "Watch Over You" (acoustic version)

18. "Ties That Bind"

19. "Isolation"

20. "Open Your Eyes"

21. "Dueling Guitar Solos"

22. "Rise Today"