The Magnetic Fields Love at the Bottom of the Sea track list

Stephen Merritt and company must be one of the most eclectically generating musical bands in existence. They have been around for the better part of twenty years, keeping supporters happy by making albums every couple of years. They may fall into self-indulgence at times, although most of their hits are not only lyrically great, they come with haunting melodies, as well. Stylistically, The Magnetic Fields is all over the place. Pop, country, rock, classical folk, jazz, funk, and rock each take their place at one time or another on their previous releases.

Love at the Bottom of the Sea will be their eleventh studio album, written and produced by Stephin Merritt. The album is slated for release on March 06, 2012 through label Merge Records (US). The complete track list as follows:

Listen to The Magnetic Fields' New Song "Andrew In Drag"

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1."God Wants Us to Wait"

2."Andrew in Drag"

3."Your Girlfriend’s Face"

4."Born For Love"

5."I’d Go Anywhere with Hugh"

6."Infatuation (With Your Gyration)"

7."The Only Boy in Town"

8."The Machine in Your Hand"

9."Goin’ Back to the Country"

10."I’ve Run Away to Join the Fairies"

11."The Horrible Party"

12."My Husband’s Pied-a-Terre"

13."I Don’t Like Your Tone"


15."All She Cares About Is Mariachi"