Mark Lanegan Returns to His Solo Career with Blues Funeral

Some people’s musical tastes have always mystified me. Mediocrities extraordinaire like Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey sell millions of albums, while truly artistic souls like Mark Lanegan stays unknown except to music buffs. A handful of people know him as the lead singer of Screaming Trees, others as a solo singer, a few more as lead vocalist of Queens of the Stone Age, and a small number of Isobel Campbell devotees as the person who assisted make her recent record so exceptional. However, Mark Lanegan should anyone who is fanatical with great music should know well.

After almost eight years since his last album Bubblegum (2004), Mark Lanegan returns to his solo career with his seventh studio album titled “Blues Funeral”. All the songs on this album were written and composed by Mark Lanegan and produced by Alain Johannes with the help of Greg Dulli and Jack Irons, and it also features guest appearances from his long-time friend collaborator Isobel Campbell. The lead single from the album titled "The Gravedigger's Song" was released as promotional single. Mark throws just enough rock into this song to remind you that he still knows what he's doing. Electric drums mixed with the crunching guitar make quite the soundscape, and words spit from his mouth is done so with a kind of passion, not in terms of the pace of how loud it is, but just a passion that you pick up in the unevenness of his voice and the dynamic way he delivers the lyrics.

Listen to Mark Lanegan's New Song "The Gravedigger's Song"

Blues Funeral will be available for purchase on February 06, 2012 through label 4AD.

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Complete Track List:

1. "The Gravedigger's Song" (Track Length 3:43)

2. "Bleeding Muddy Water" (6:17)

3. "Gray Goes Black" (4:11)

4. "St. Louis Elegy" (4:34)

5. "Riot in My House" (3:53)

6. "Ode to Sad Disco" (6:24)

7. "Phantasmagoria Blues" (3:16)

8. "Quiver Syndrome" (4:03)

9. "Harborview Hospital" (4:31)

10. "Leviathan" (4:22)

11. "Deep Black Vanishing Train" (3:06)

12. "Tiny Grain of Truth" (7:07)