Not Your Kind of People:Garbage New Album-Tour Dates-track list

After a seven years break, Shirley Manson and the boys have returned with their fifth studio album, “Not Your Kind of People”. After trading in their alternative rock music for the lavishly created pop vibe on their previous album "Bleed Like Me", Garbage is back to what they do best.

They shone brightly in 1995 with their debut album “Garbage” placing songs such as Milk, Stupid Girl and more on the charts, and got heavy airplay on radio and MTV. The band’s breakthrough came in 1998, with their sophomore album titled Version 2.0. The album completely blended electronic with rock music and created fans favorites such as When I Grow Up and Push It, each also fueled by astonishing videos. The record acquired them a series of Grammy nominations counting the most popular Album of the Year. In 2001, Garbage released their third studio album Beautiful Garbage, showed a new direction in their musical style which left their fans a bit disappointed. By the time they released their fourth studio album in 2005, Garbage was almost forgotten. However, the record did return some of their trademark electronic rock sound establish on their earlier records. Still, terrific songs like Run Baby Run and Why Do You Love Me succeed.

The standard edition of “Not Your Kind of People” track list will contain eleven songs while the deluxe edition of the album will include additional five bonus tracks. The album is due out on May 14, 2012 through their own label STUNVOLUME.

Listen to Garbage's new song - Blood for Poppies (you can download this song for free from Garbage's official website)

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"Automatic Systematic Habit"

"Blood For Poppies"


"I Hate Love"

"Not Your Kind of People"

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The band will tour across the EU in support of their upcoming album; European Tour Dates are as follows:

May 9, 2012, London, United Kingdom, Troxy

May 11, 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia, Jubilenyi Hal

May 12, 2012, Moscow, Russia, Crocus City Hall

May 16, 2012, Paris, France, Olympia Theatre

June 16, 2012, Hultsfred, Sweden, Hultsfred Festival

June 17, 2012, Aarhus, Denmark, NorthSide Festival

June 22, 2012, Tuttlingen, Germany, Southside Festival

June 23, 2012, Scheeßel, Germany, Hurricane Festival

June 28, 2012, Werchter, Belgium, Rock Werchter