of Montreal Paralytic Stalks Features A Variety Of Music Styles

Of Montreal is a former associate of the Elephant Six group and vehicle for Kevin Barnes, who has been producing amazingly enigmatic pop music for nearly thirteen years since their debut “Cherry Peel”. Of Montreal released their seventh studio album “The Sunlandic Twins” in 2005, which got them a lot of deserved attention. And they have gained much more popularity and commercial success since then, and the music has taken a non-mainstream twist. Their last album “False Priest” wound up being one of the band's most remarkable and successful achievements.

Of Montreal new album “Paralytic Stalks” manages to bring some very dark and touching lyrics while sounding very upbeat. The sound is a mixture of electronica and more natural pop sounds. Barnes uses every trick in the book on this record. Each track from “Paralytic Stalks” is a centerpiece for his composition and production skills, with many layers of music for the listener to choose apart on every single. “Cherry Peel” is very nicely balanced album. The first half of the CD is extremely shining and more conventionally poppy than the second half. Like all of their previous releases, you have to go into it with an open mind. While a great deal of it may give the impression too weird upon first listen; Barnes' astonishing talent to craft unforgettable hooks from the most weird places will eventually win over the majority his haters.

Listen to of Montreal's "Gelid Ascent"

“Paralytic Stalks” will be available for purchase on February 7, 2012 through label Polyvinyl.

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Complete track list

1."Gelid Ascent" – (track length 4:17)

2."Spiteful Intervention" – (3:40)

3."Dour Percentage" – (4:39)

4."We Will Commit Wolf Murder" – (5:41)

5."Malefic Dowery" – (2:36)

6."Ye, Renew the Plaintiff" – (8:45)

7."Wintered Debts" – (7:33)

8."Exorcismic Breeding Knife" – (7:41)

9."Authentic Pyrrhic Remission" – (13:13)