SoaSE: Rebellion System Requirements, PC Specs

If you are an avid computer gamer and you like tactic games then you must be very interested in Sins of a Solar Empire (SoaSE). The original game was released back in 2008 with an expansion in 2009 and another in 2010. It was a new concept in gaming industry back then with mix genera inventing idea. They stylishly crossed traditional 4X gaming with RTS and no doubt that they formed a new standard for the industry. The basis of SoaSE is to take over planets through one of three approaches: Through combat, as common in a RTS game, purchasing them, or through a spiritual coupe. This makes things a bit fascinating, as you must ensure that your people actually like you. You have the facility to put up huge space fleets, and the distinctive element to zoom in as close as a spaceship window, and distant enough to see many galaxies.

Stardock announced the third, and first stand-alone expansion titled “Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion”, which is currently in development. The expansion adds many gameplay enhancements and multiplayer upgrades.

SoaSE, Rebellion, game, pc, image, cover If you are looking forward to getting your hands on this expansion pack, make sure that your PC meets the following system specs:

SoaSE: Rebellion Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 / Vista SP2

Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz Processor or Equivalent


256 MB DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card w/Pixel Shader 3.0 Support (AMD Radeon
X1650 / Nvidia 6800 or Better)

DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card

5 GB Hard Drive Space

Keyboard and Mouse

4X DVD-ROM Drive (for retail disc version)

DirectX 9.0c

Broadband Internet Connection for Multiplayer

SoaSE: Rebellion Recommended Requirements

Windows 7 (64-bit)

Intel Core i5 / i7 Processor or Equivalent


512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card w/Pixel Shader 3.0 Support (AMD Radeon
3x00 Series / Nvidia 8x00 Series or Better)

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