Soulfly’s Enslaved Contains Resistance, Intervention World Scum

Max Cavalera is back with a new lineup and a new album “Enslaved”. If you have followed Max and his band through the years you would have observed their music style has changed over time. They used to have very loud, throbbing music, which is of course a plus. No doubt, their first album was a major success in metal. After that, and I think most longtime Soulfy supporters would agree, Max completely wedged to his "experimental"-formula. But one thing I can say about him and his band is that they're steady in what they do. Their last album “Omen” maintained this trend. They have never been a band that has had a steady lineup throughout the years owing to Max's will to try out and change things up to keep ideas fresh. It seems that he is trying to change his musical soundscape once again, as his band returns with another major lineup change for the upcoming album “Enslaved”. The bassist Bobby Burns is being replaced by Tony Campos and their former drummer Joe Nunez replaced by David Kinkade.

Listen to Soulfly’s "World Scum"

The standard edition of the album will contain eleven tracks while the deluxe edition will include three additional songs. The Enslaved will be available for purchase on March 13, 2012 through label Roadrunner.

soulfly, cd, world scum, new album,  max cavalera, enslaved, cover, image Enslaved Full Track List

Standard Edition

1. "Resistance"

2. "World Scum" (feat. Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation)

3. "Intervention"

4. "Gladiator"

5. "Legions"

6. "American Steel"

7. "Redemption of Man by God" (feat. Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber and DevilDriver)

8. "Treachery"

9. "Plata O Plomo"

10. "Chains"

11. "Revengeance" (feat. Richie Cavalera of Incite, Zyon and Igor Jr. Cavalera
of Lody Kong)

Deluxe Edition

12. "Slave"

13. "Bastards"

14. "Soulfly VIII"

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