Starr's Ringo 2012 Features new / rerecorded songs "Wings"

The Beatles' drummer Richard Starkey, who is also known by his stage name Ringo Starr has returned to the music scene with his seventieth studio album “Ringo 2012”, a follow-up to his third studio album “RINGO”. The “Ringo 2012” is scheduled for release on January 31, 2012 through HIP-O Records / UMe. Re-recorded version of "Wings" was released as the lead single from the album.

When Starr released “RINGO” back in 1973, the involvement of the other Beatles certainly contributed to its success, but as Beatles fans were purchasing that record for McCartney, Harrison and Lennon appearances, they discovered that not only “RINGO” is a fine record, but also that Starr was talented of doing terrific songs. That album got three hit singles, and also features some of his best solo and shared compositions. "Photograph", written with Harrison, was a chart topping hit and easily as good as anything that McCartney or Harrison had put out as singles up to now. "Step lightly" and "Oh my my" both show that Starr, although definitely not on the same level as McCartney, Lennon or Harrison as songwriters, had turn into a very good tunesmith.

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Ringo 2012 album contains the following track-list

1. "Anthem" (Track Lenght 5:01)

2. "Wings" (re-recording) (3:31)

3. "Think It Over" (cover) (1:48)

4. "Samba" (2:48)

5. "Rock Island Line" (cover) (2:59)

6. "Step Lightly" (re-recording) (2:44)

7. "Wonderful" (3:47)

8. "In Liverpool" (3:19)

9. "Slow Down" (2:57)