SWV ‘I Missed Us’ First Single Co-Sign out Now

After fifteen years, since their last studio album “A Special Christmas” in 1997, SWV (Coko, Taj and Leele) are back with a brand new album ‘I Missed Us’. For all the hardcore buffs who miss these soulful singers, you get the chance to hear them all again. You can certainly see how much they have influenced hip-hop soul and girl groups of today.

By the early nineties most girl groups where the ones who dominated the music industry, groups like Jade and Zhane, For Real, where most popular, but it's certainly En Vogue where the best ones. In the early nineties a girl group challenge to take their crown away from them, and their name was: SWV. The three girls were fine vocal trained, but the dissimilarity with En Vogue, was that, Coko, take lead in every single, no wonder, she was the most talented artist, either way this helped or hampered the group's progress, their first record was huge success and featured some R&B classic songs like “Weak”, "You're the One" and more.

co-sign, swv, i missed us, box art, cover, image, cd, audio Co-Sign released as the first single from their upcoming album ‘I Missed Us’. The single noticeably showcasing the group’s superior vocal harmonies and talent to hold their own spot light, all three girls handle lead this time round. A smart blend of jazz, firm guitar and bass riff, funky drum tracks with RnB simply makes CO-SIGN a masterpiece.

I Missed Us’ is due out on April 17, 2012

Listen to SWV’s New Song “Co-Sign”