Testament back with The Dark Roots of Earth, Native Blood

After four years since their last album “The Formation of Damnation”, Eric Peterson, Greg Christian, Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick have rejoined once again with Paul Bostaph to make their tenth studio album “The Dark Roots of Earth”, which is due for release on April 27, 2012 through label Nuclear Blast. Eric Peterson and Chuck Billy revealed a partial track list, including the first single from the album titled "Native Blood", "Cold Embrace", "True American Hate" and "The Dark Roots of Earth"

Testament is one of those astounding metal bands which have continued to exist for over twenty years, putting out record after marvelous record, and stayed true to their roots and never selling out. Alex Skolnick's lead work goes on to astonish their fans and you can hear the development that has happened in his musicianship over the past one and a half decades. Eric Peterson hands down the greatest rhythm player on the metal genre and has yet to let down in over twenty years of their releases. Greg Christian still plays the bass like no other player in the music industry and Chuck Billy still wonderful as he did before. It's great to hear that Testament are still in top form musically and can continue to produce remarkable music together.

upcoming, tracklist, album, new, cd, image, cover, testament, native blood Confirmed track list

1. "Cold Embrace"

2. "True American Hate"

3. "The Dark Roots of Earth"

4. "Native Blood"