Tower Heist-Eddie & Ben's Newest Comedy gets Home Video Release

It comes as no surprise that Tower Heist is both hilarious and truly suspenseful, particularly with Brett Ratner at the wheel. It was brought into being several years ago when Eddie Murphy had a thought for an Oceans Eleven, but as the thought was being made Eddie wanted to leave the project and director Brett Ratner finally came up with the film.

It follows a Wall Street entrepreneur Arthur Shaw (played by Alan Alda) who is house arrested in his penthouse apartment by the FBI for scheming $2 billion dollars out of innocent investors. Josh Kovacs (played by Ben Stiller) has worked for Shaw as building manager for a number of years wants to convey this message to the workers that Shaw has invested all their pensions chances are it is all spent and he will most likely get away with it. Once they realize this, they plan to break into Shaw's luxury house and steal back money that he may have hidden in his apartment. Josh makes it his responsibility to lead the group on this heist with the support of his friend Slide (played by Eddie Murphy)

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The center of the story, a team of unhappy hotel staff stealing a crooked investor of $2 billion in cash does not right away bring to mind the workings of a laugh out loud comedy. However, this one delivers just that. It comes alive when Eddie Murphy gets involved. He appears to have returned to his old form and captures the audience in every scene he is in. The film is wonderfully scored by Christophe Beck. His soundtrack adds tension at the right times in the film. The theme of the film is a groovy techno sound with an implausible bass. It is an enjoyable film with a terrific cast.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will be releasing Tower Heist on DVD and Blu-ray on February 21, 2012. The home video releases will include special features such as Gag Reel, Two Alternate Endings, Deleted & Alternate Scenes and many more.