Watch Puss in Boots on DVD or Blu-ray in February

Directed by Chris Millar, the newest flick from the Shrek series is all set to release on DVD and Blu-ray on February 24, 2012. If you have been speculating how Puss in Boots ended up wearing those stylish boots, the creators of the Shrek series have taken it upon themselves to show us the tale from the start. The story revolves around the series of occurrences in the life of the Puss till he meets Shrek and his other friends.

The film follows an orphan kitten named Puss, adopted by a woman in charge of an orphanage. Puss tenderly calls her mother. There in the orphanage Puss meets Humpty Dumpty and eventually they become best friends. Unfortunately their friendship falling out in which Puss loses his reputation. But destiny has something different in store for him, and when Puss reunites with Humpty before long they plan to get the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs. However, there are some people out to stop them, including the well-known duet of Jack and Jill. Humpty believes that it will bring back Puss's reputation though, so he will carry out all it takes to get the golden goose.

The story is funny and very entertaining. The animation is topnotch and the level of fast-paced action is better then the recent Shrek films, with breathtaking visuals and outstanding music, composed by Henry Jackman. Puss in Boots undeniably justified a film of his own and the absence of Shrek doesn't weaken the entertainment value in the least. Shrek fans will definitely love it. Puss in Boots is best suited for families with kids that are aged at least eight or nine years old.

The home video releases will contain a thirteen minute movie “Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos”, directed by Raman Hui.

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