Adventures of Tintin, movie gets home video release in March

CGI animation has achieved such a remarkable level of pragmatism that at times it appears unusual for a film not to have been just shot live action. Steven Spielberg’s latest big screen adaptation of Georges Prosper Remi’s Adventures of Tintin is just one of those flicks – CGI specialists have already had to mime all the pieces, so why not produce a live action flick? The original character depictions were not in the slightest of this visual superiority and here the only hyperbole is in the rare nose and chin. They were put a lot of effort to add some humor to the movie, but they weren't very humorous with most of what they attempted. Children may find something to laugh at more than the adults, and that is explicable since this movie is clearly targeted toward them. They also put some effort into making this movie an adventure and accomplished by doing so. The Adventures of Tintin is basically a CGI version of Indiana Jones and it has all of the things that you would be expecting from such a tale, and it is undoubtedly suitable for the entire family.

The film tells the story of a young reporter Tintin (voiced by Jamie Bell), who purchases a model of an old vessel named The Unicorn. When two people approached him and offered higher prices to purchase the vessel, Tintin began to wonder what could be the motive behind their offers. Later, he ascertains that the vessel may contain a clue that may lead to something with more valuable. But before he discovers what it is, he's being abducted by some pirates. Now a prisoner on a very old vessel, he soon meets the ship’s captain, Haddock (voiced by Andy Serkis), an alcoholic who may hold the key to the answers that everybody is seeking.

If you are looking forward to seeing this movie from the comfort of your own living room, then you will be happy to hear that the Paramount Home Media Distribution will be gearing up for the Home Video release of Adventures of Tintin on March 13, 2012. The DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D will feature extra materials such as Toasting Tintin Part 1, The Journey of Tintin, The World of Tintin and more.

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