Amaryllis-Shinedown much anticipated CD out in March

From time to time a fairly inconsistent band will take a surprising leap in artistic capacity and produce something of value. Some musicians do so from darkness, others while already having established a large following. Shinedown achieved just this with their first and third albums “Leave a Whisper and The Sound of Madness”. Having put out two successful albums, the band not only sold a few millions CDs but offered some wonderful radio rock and developed a large fan base. While using the predictable and memorable song composition guarantee band’s accessibility, the true strength lay in their frontman Brent Smith. Sporting a blend of alternative metal and hard rock, their poetic moods were rather depressed with a little bit of motivation, and the sound tended to follow suit. A great vocalist and applicable lyrics are certain ways to win over an audience.

After nearly four years since we last had a record from them, Brent Smith and the boys stepped up to the plate for their fourth attempt “Amaryllis”, due for release on March 27, 2012 through label Atlantic. “Bully” was released as the first single from the album. The production of this single is crystal clear, lots of blazing guitar intertwining with emotional and strong vocals. The band found their sound with “Bully”, and hopefully the purity of that sound will carry through the entire record.

Listen to Shinedown's new single Bully

The standard edition of Amaryllis will have the following track list:

1. "Adrenaline"

2. "Bully" (Smith, Zach Myers, Bassett)

3. "Amaryllis"

4. "Unity" (Smith, Eric Bass, Bassett)

5. "Enemies" (Smith, Bass, Bassett)

6. "I'm Not Alright"

7. "Nowhere Kids" (Smith, Bass, Bassett)

8. "Miracle"

9. "I'll Follow You"

10. "For My Sake"

11. "My Name (Wearing Me Out)"

12. "Through the Ghost"