Blunderbuss-Jack White Returns with Solo Album

At the end of the 90’s with the new beginning of teen pop had enough stranglehold on music of the day, even flattering rock acts made over elegant music with the songs loosing their touching edge in the course. Then early twenties, “The White Stripes” entered into the music scene like a breath of fresh air with their doctrine of only recording music that they would be capable of playing live which for the most part restricted the band to two instruments, Meg White on drums and Jack White on either piano or guitar, per track. After more than a decade in the music scene with six studio albums together, The White Stripes disbanded in 2011.

Now, just over a year after their breakup, Jack White returns to the music scene with a solo album “Blunderbuss”, which contains brand new songs written and produced by Jack himself. “Blunderbuss” will release on April 23, 2012 through Jack’s own Third Man Records. You can listen to the fist single "Love Interruption" from the album below (or visit ).

blunderbuss, jack white, new solo album, image, cover Complete tracks:

1.Missing Pieces

2.Sixteen Saltines

3.Freedom At 21

4.Love Interruption


6.Hypocritical Kiss

7.Weep Themselves to Sleep

8.I’m Shakin’

9.Trash Tongue Talker

10.Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy

11.I Guess I Should Go to Sleep

12.On and On and On

13.Take Me with You When You Go