COC Back with Self Titled Record and New Lineup 2012

If your are a hard rock heavy metal fan and looking forward to Corrosion of Conformity’s next album, then you will be happy to hear that COC is back with a new self titled album, after almost seven years since their last studio album “In the Arms of God” in 2005. Stanton Moore is gone and their Original drummer and vocalist Reed Mullin filling in to great effect. The standard edition of the upcoming album will contain eleven songs and "The Doom" was released as a promotional single off the album in January. COC’s new album is slated for release on February 28, 2012.

The Corrosion of Conformity have been in the music industry for two decades and have undergone many lineup changes. While originally a hardcore punk group, they have always had a fundamental sense of melody to complement the crunch. The inclusion of the guitarist and the vocalist Pepper Keenan showed a turning point in the COC’s progress that has reached a peak with "Deliverance", “Wiseblood” and “In the Arms of God”. These three records are almost perfect, with sincere lyrics, crunching guitars, and a rhythmic punch challenged by hardly any in today's tame rock industry. With a new CD coming out next week, Corrosion of Conformity is certainly one of the greatest heavy metal bands around.

Watch Corrosion of Conformity’s "Your Tomorrow", "The Doom" and "The Moneychangers" - Live

coc, 2012, album, cd, cover, image The COC’s upcoming album will contain the following track list:

1."Psychic Vampire" (track length 4:29)

2."River of Stone" (6:12)

3."Leeches" (2:17)

4."El Lamento de Las Cabras" (3:01)

5."Your Tomorrow" (4:07)

6."The Doom" (4:52)

7."The Moneychangers" (4:14)

8."Come Not Here" (4:06)

9."What We Become" (3:46)

10."Rat City" (2:26)

11."Time of Trials" (3:42)

COC will be touring across the USA and EU in support of their new album, complete tour dates can be found at their official website: